Garden Design & Decor

We believe that hospitality is something that happens to you beyond the services received.


From a first technical inspection it seemed that the venue chosen for your reception was complete with everything. But then you decided to create a magical corner at the bottom of the park for cutting the cake, or you would like to create a beautiful path of "Chandeliers" that lead to the clearing at the bottom of the forest where sofas, swings on the trees, and a well-stocked will be set up "Suspended" Bar Lounge. Creating the right atmosphere at the best possible cost is possible only thanks to the widespread knowledge of the territory and the business realities present. Even the most unusual object can become the "leitmotiv" of your event. We must organize the supply, rental, transport, assembly; after the event and in the shortest possible time, all recovery, disassembly and redelivery operations will be necessary. Knowing the right supplier can really make a difference.
Our designers will be able to design truly unusual atmospheres, always in safety and with reasonable costs.



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